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Print&Share CQ - Compare

When to choose for Print&Share v3 or for Print&Share CQ

Configuration v3 CQ
To have a shared driver as a service on a print server
To combine with Remote Desktop Connection (MS-Terminal Server or Citrix) ★★★ ★★
To combine with Virtualisation of Desktop PCs (VDI) ★★★
Running in the cloud (Azure)
Workflow use without company network connection
Functionality v3 CQ
To interact with the workflow via a User Interface
Hot folder Monitoring combined with Print management ★★★
Follow You printing included (secure print)
Stapling by default ★★★
Ricoh LANFax
Customization to connect 3th party API (64bit)
Adding personalised electronic signatures and certificates
Provide documents with User and PC information
Definable order of execution of functionality

Subject to changes.

Full list of features for: Print&Share v3 and Print&Share CQ.