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Beneficios Print&Share

Personalice y distribuya sus documentos con un solo clic

With Print&Share you can perform all actions around a document with the push of a single button. This results in huge time and cost savings! Printing goes relatively quickly. But the creation, sharing, sending, storing, archiving and retrieving of documents takes a lot of time. With Print&Share the printer organizes your document workflow.

Print&Share es una solución rentable que automatiza las customizaciones y utiliza todo el potencial de su impresora, a la vez que simplifica la distribución de los documentos a través de email, impresión, fax o formatos digitales, con un solo clic.

  • Elimine las tareas repetitivas de customización y distribución y ahorre tiempo
  • Convierta los trabajos de impresión a PDF y envíelos como archivos adjuntos para ahorrar costes de envío
  • Realice múltiples acciones con un clic, incluidas las tareas de customización, conversión, impresión, distribución y archivado.
  • Fácil distribución de documentos a varios destinos de impresión: impresión, email, fax y almacenaje electrónico (en formatos PDF y XML)
  • Print&Share está disponible en diferentes versiones que dan respuesta a todas sus necesidades

TCO (time and cost savings)

  • less paper and toner consumption
    removing and skip blank pages or pages with just a URL, header or footer, and merging pages with lots of white space is automatic. You can also standard print double-sided or print documents in low resolution. Your toner cartridge lasts longer. This also provides an important contribution to the environment!

  • no unnecessary prints
    the optimal settings for the print job are already set.

  • no preprinted (letterhead) paper required
    adding logos, conditions or photos to a print job is simple.

more business (work more efficiently)

  • productivity increases
    the creation, merging, printing, sending, archiving and retrieving of documents takes less time.

  • professional appearance and fewer mistakes
    documents get through standardisation a professional look and the risk of errors is reduced.

  • right information at the right place
    documents are available at the touch of a button right away in the appropriate folder or archive and are therefore easy to find.

Top 5 annoyances:

Do you recognize the following annoyances? It happens that you:

  • print documents on the wrong letterhead?
  • spend 25% of your time searching for documents?
  • print documents in black and white, while you want them in color?
  • spend 10% of your time on formatting documents?
  • it happens that you perform the same actions (eg. to set the printing options or adding terms of payment on an invoice) several times a day around a document?

Depending on your need, you can format your documents at the touch of a button, share, transmit, store, archive and retrieve. Whether it's a contract that always must be in pdf or an invoice which must have the terms of payment included. Print&Share replaces a whole series of manual operations.