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Versión de escritorio: Lite, Professional, Corporate y Enterprise.

Versión de servidor: Professional, Corporate y Enterprise.

Características de Printamp;Share Lite Professional Corporate
Printing from different source trays
Dynamic Page Definition (colour, orientation, size)    
Email with PDF attach + autom. address detection
Email with specific email address detection  
Email message language selection    
Email with personalized message    
File Print (PDF, BMP, JPG, EMF, PNG, TIFF)
ASCII File Print with text of proportional fonts    
Jurídica PDF/A-1b    
PDF/A con metadatos XMP    
PDF seguridad    
Microsoft fax transmissions  
Ricoh - LAN Fax - On-hook dial  
Microsoft Outlook tasks + calendar + notes  
Lotus Notes tasks + calendar    
Automatic Profile Selection  
Insert Extra Pages using a built-in editor
Inserting pages using files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT)    
Inserting pages of SharePoint (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT)    
Inserting pages of original print job    
Inserting pages on dynamic positions by functions    
Insert Extra Pages by Language    
Insert Extra Attachments in Email    
Manual Page Selection and Deselection
Autom. deselection of pages with few text (min cm)    
Page auto-selection based on Paper Size    
Page auto-selection based on Orientation    
Page auto-selection with conditions and sub-cond.    
SNMP & WMI messages
Channel Requirements  
Cascading on Correspondence  
Cascading on SNMP & WMI information    
Cascading on Clicks  
Cascading or Triggers on colour  
Cascading on Application    
Multiple pages on one sheet
Combine Printouts  
ECO: combinar el espacio en blanco    
ECO: Eliminar espacio en blanco entre el texto    
ECO: Eliminar texto fijo (firmas de correo electrónico - pies de página)    
ECO: Limitación de correo electrónico imprimir salidas de x respuestas    
ECO: Interruptor fácil entre canales ECO    
ECO: Fácil combinar características ECO    
Split print job into separate transmissions  
Split print job and sort pages    
Split print job and recombine pages    
Quick edit  
Get More Editor - Basic - Insert extra information
Get More Editor - Advanced:    
Insert overlays using files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT)    
Insert extra Database Fields    
Agregar números de página, números de papel y números de hojas    
Insertar códigos de barras    
Lectura de códigos de barras    
Insertar objetos    
Free Space Search    
Replace Text Objects    
Archive Dynamic Output to folder structure    
Compose Dynamic Filename by Recognition  
NSi Autostore & Nuance DigiDocFlow, compatible    
Archive to SharePoint, DocuWare & Documind    
Archive to BvL Archivio
FTP-, SFTP- HTTP- & HTTPS-uploads    
Proxy Internet Connection
XML e-Documents    
Extended XML e-Documents    
End Task & VBA Script    
Profile Protection    
Execution of a sequence of profiles    
Profile Loop  
Auto Send & Close
Auto Send & Close on conditions    
Gateway to customization for pre-actions    
Different margins on each side of document  
Log & Monitoring

Feature list based on Print&Share v2.8.3.67. Subject to changes.

Enterprise version:

The Print&Share Enterprise version contains all features with additional enterprise facilities.

Load Balancing

Distribute your print jobs to an available printer based on load balancing parameters. Determines the optimal printer for your print job.

Geolocation Print Management

Travel around the world and print automatically to your branch office printer.

Batch Printing

Print one job to multiple printers with a single click.

Print&Share Feature Highlights:

This page will highlight some features of the Ricoh Print&Share virtual printer driver. Explorer more features of Print&Share by downloading a copy of this intelligent software. Descarga la versión de prueba gratuita ahora